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Gobar Gas the Benefits of Gas from Dung

Gobar gas is also known as “Bio gas” or simply “biogas”. Its main component is animal dung (gobar – India) along with some other organic matter like dead remains of plants and animals. It can be used to cooking, electricity generating and heating purposes.

It is proving to be a very cost-effective and environment-friendly alternative fuel for rural households.

Featured image for gobar gas article with gobar gas meaning explained.

Image by SNV (SNV) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

It is a natural, and sustainable, organic gas manufactured in huge closed containers. And, in the light of the growing energy shortage that India faces, gobar gas is being cited as having great potential. It is also another eco-friendly energy source alongside wind energy and solar, but many people don’t know about it. The “cow dung” (also buffalo dung etc) or “gobar” gas has a lot of energy within it, which can be stored for a biogas plant by the process of fermentation.

Despite the lack of public awareness of biogas in general, it can at least go part-way to provide the answer to the energy needs of rural areas. Furthermore, this gas can be produced from regionally available raw materials and recycled waste and is environmentally friendly and pretty much CO2 neutral.

Gobar Gas Production in More Detail

Image shows dried gobar in a pile

A pile of “gobar” – dried dung, suitable for Anaerobic Digestion.

In a gobar gas plant, “gobar gas” is obtained by bacterial fermentation of animal refuse. To be a little more specific about the process which makes it. It is produced by the anaerobic digestion or fermentation of biodegradable materials such as manure, sewage, municipal waste, green waste, plant material, and crops. Gobar Gas is a renewable fuel (methane) so it qualifies for renewable energy subsidies in some parts of the world.

When gobar gas is cleaned up by a process called biogas upgrading. After upgrading, the purified biogas is ready to be used as fuel in a massive number of applications for motor car fuel, to running massive gas turbines. Any CNG converted internal combustion engine can be connected to an alternator to produce electricity. Hence, an easy off-grid electrical power supply which doesn’t hasten climate change, becomes available to all nations rich and poor.

The heat generated during the combustion of bio gas, or “gobar gas” can be used for use in other processes that require significant heat.

Electricity generated by fuel cells using gobar gas can serve at night.

This point about gobar gas can be again used in the discussion about replacement of other sources of electricity like hydro power, thermal power, and nuclear power with biogas energy plants. This gas supply source can equally be applied to counter-insurgency and stabilization programs with Afghanistan as an example.

Summary – Gobar Gas the Benefits of Gas from Dung

The stock which creates the dung which in turn creates the methane energy in rural areas..With the continuing development of science and technology it is considered that gobar gas will be one of the biggest fuel-providing resource, in the future. Indeed, introducing a community to a safer, greener, more eco-friendly energy option will make their lives happier, plus much more sustainable in the long run and protect the forests.

This “dung gas” is going through a revolution. It has already, for example, been a quiet engine of ground-level economic transformation in Nepal and numerous other poor Asian and African nations. There are millions of these plants in homes and communities in China as well.

Of course gobar gas has undoubtedly now already, come to stay.

Are you making the best use of it in your farm or rural community?

Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Magic

Biogas is produced throughout the anaerobic digestion process. Biogas is a renewable resource that can be utilized in a range of ways. Communities as well as businesses across the nation use biogas to:

Power engines, produce mechanical power, warm and/or electrical energy (including combined heat as well as power systems);.
- Fuel boilers as well as heating systems, home heating digesters and various other spaces;.
- Run alternative-fuel automobiles; as well as.
- Supply residences and also organisation through the gas pipeline.

Just how biogas is used as well as how effectively it's made use of depends on its high quality. Biogas is usually cleaned to get rid of co2, water vapor as well as various other trace impurities. Getting rid of these compounds from biogas enhances the energy worth of the biogas.

Low quality biogas is normally made use of in tougher, less reliable engines, such as internal combustion engines. Higher quality biogas cleaned up of trace pollutants can be used in a lot more reliable, but also a lot more sensitive engines.

Biogas treated to fulfill pipe high quality requirements can be distributed via the gas pipeline as well as made use of in services as well as homes. Biogas can additionally be cleansed as well as updated to produce compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied gas (LNG). CNG and LNG can be used to sustain trucks and also vehicles.

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Areas as well as businesses throughout the nation consider the usage of biogas to:

Just how biogas is utilized as well as how efficiently it's used depends on its quality. Biogas treated to fulfill pipe quality criteria can be distributed through the all-natural gas pipeline and utilized in homes and companies.

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